Rome Experience – Day VII (June 6)

So many ways to begin a Roman morning, especially when the humidity is picking up and there is no laundry in the house.

A little analogy for the spiritual life I suppose – we are looking at and walking towards glory but sometimes need to clean our clothes before we get there. Never let your troubles or sins get you down. Repent – yes, shame, depressed, sad – no.

But in the afternoon a little more towards the glory. . .

We visited the Cathedral of Rome, the Patriarchal Archbasilica of Christ our Savior and Saints John in the Lateran. First a visit to The Lord of the house present in the Blessed Sacrament, prayed for the Pope at the confessio and then had a tour. After the tour there was a half-hour of mental prayer.

There is very little as moving as 35 men singing the Tantum Ergo in the Presence of the Sacrament and it was a little bit of apostolate to those visiting the Basilica.

After we saw the great church of San Clemente and prayed before the beautiful mosaic above the sanctuary and the relics of Ss. Cyril & Methodius. The men were free until dinner after which was a great get-together and off to bed after a little work and some time on Skype.

Thanks those who chatted with me, hearing your voices and seeing your faces was a great joy.

One comment on “Rome Experience – Day VII (June 6)

  1. thanks for posting some photos. i think photos are a great contribution to your posts. also, some pics of the exquisite Italian food you are enjoying would be nice to see, too!

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