I’m leaving St. Paul’s

This past Sunday, April 7th, it was announced that at the end of the current semester my assignment at St. Paul University Catholic Center will come to an end and I will be transferred to a new assignment.

I came to St. Paul’s on 1 October 2008 and I anticipate formally leaving by 29 May 2013.  Spending the past 5 academic years with the students and the last 1651 (as of today) days with the Staff of St. Paul University Catholic Center has been a great challenge, a great joy and a great privilege   My gratitude to God for making me a priest knows no bounds.

My new assignment will be to study.  Sometime near the end of this summer I will move to the city of Rome where I will begin the pursuit of a doctoral degree in liturgical theology at one of the Roman ecclesiastical universities.  I will post more information as it becomes official.

Please offer prayers for me and especially for the priest who will take my place at St. Paul’s.

6 comments on “I’m leaving St. Paul’s

  1. mobligato says:

    Many prayers to you Father! Thank you for your service and dedication to the students and the Church!

  2. Elizabeth D says:

    That’s great! Not at all great that we will lose you for quite some time, but very wise, fitting and of a lot of value to the People of God to pursue this higher education. This can help to continue Pope Benedict’s great work of beauty and continuity in liturgy. Do NOT forget us!

  3. Mary Uhler says:

    Fr. Eric: I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving St. Paul’s. You’ve done such a great job there! I wish you all the best in your future studies in Rome. I’ll continue to keep you in my prayers.

  4. Oooh! Mixed feelings! I am happy for you and for the Church that you will be doing this. Of course, I am quite sad for St. Paul’s, for Fr. Eric (maior) who will be losing his pastoral partner, and of course for Holy Redeemer, especially the Saturday 8 AM Mass and Sunday 7 AM Tridentine Mass crowds. I will miss you! Rich

  5. Gina Abols says:

    …and your heart continues to grow:) Wisconsin will miss you greatly but the Kingdom is rejoicing in sharing you and spreading the gifts God has given you. May your next step be blessed and fruitful, Father. You are a great and obedient priest.

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